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2023: Only PDP Can Produce An Igbo President – Says Ex-Anambra Gov, Nwobodo

Former Governor of Anambra State and elder statesman, Dr Jim Nwobodo has said that only the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), has the capacity of producing a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

Dr Nwobodo, who is also a former Senator made the remarks in an exclusive interview published with Vanguard on Thursday.

He said the two biggest parties in Nigeria are the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and its main opposition, the PDP, and that Igbo as a major ethnic group in the country have been able to capture one.

He said: “I am talking about the Igbo presidency but the Igbo presidency will come only through PDP. You see, in party politics, there are always two big political parties usually. If you go to Britain, there are two big political parties. If you go to America, two big political parties. The rest are there.

“So, in Nigeria, there are two big political parties and we have captured one. So, the Igbo presidency will still come. If we have somebody who has an interest in Nigeria and has a sense of fairness, equity and justice, I am sure the Igbo presidency will come. Certainly, I don’t expect to have it in APC.”

In the interview, the elder statesman pointed out that he has political associates in the ruling party but believed that the Igbo Presidency can be easily achieved with PDP.

“No, I am not saying that (Igbo presidency cannot come from the APC), but I believe that it is more likely to come within the PDP than APC. I have very good friends in APC but tell me one Igbo man whose name has been sounded in APC?”

Nwobodo said further that Igbo people have suffered under President Muhammadu Buhari’s government and revealed that he was sad that the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi left PDP.

“Under Buhari and the APC, the Igbo have suffered. This is the worst we have had. Of course, I was very sad (when Peter Obi left PDP). I called him and said why did you leave the PDP? He said one or two things happened and I said no, he should have waited for me. He should have spoken with me, I would have advised him not to leave.

“The beauty of politics is being able to absorb, at times insults, you absorb but you have your eyes on the ball. I blame him for going. He should never have left because if Obi were there, Atiku will have no problem picking him as his vice,” Nwobodo said.


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