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2023 Presidency: ‘I will take power from APC back to PDP’, says Wike, as he declares interest.

Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has said he will take power from the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, back to People’s Democratic Party, PDP, as he declared his intention to contest the presidency in the 2023 general election.

The governor made his decision public on Sunday when he consulted stakeholders of PDP in Benue State over his ambition to run for the presidency.

Wike expressed confidence that PDP would win the presidency in the next election.

“If you’re running in an election, power isn’t given for free; it is taken. I have come out and I’m going to take this power from APC back to PDP by the grace of God,” he said.

“God has given us what it takes. That’s why God is making APC to make mistakes every day and that is how you know that God is with you.

“Let me thank the people of Benue for receiving me to come and talk to them. I am declaring for the first time in Benue state because of my special relationship with them. People are merely not suspecting, but let it be known today that I am announcing it in Benue state because I have a special relationship with this state.

“Today, you can’t talk about security in this country, and you must understand that without security, you can’t talk about governance.

“One first thing that anybody who takes the oath of office is sworn to, is that you must protect life and property. If you can’t protect life and property, then you can’t talk about governance. So, that major thing is that our people should be alive.”

Wike also said disregard for the rule of law is affecting the inflow of investment into the country.

“Nobody can bring investment in this country because there is no respect for the rule of law. Nobody obeys court orders. Who will come and invest his money when the court gives its judgment and it will not be obeyed. So, I am going to run for election and victory will be ours,” he added.

The governor, who said he has what it takes to win the election, said he had stood with the PDP when many members “ran away”.

“Those who want to be president now were the problems of the party in 2015. They ran away when the party needed them most,” he said.

“But I have stood and worked for this party. I have nowhere to run to because I take it personally that the party should not die. And I challenge anyone to a debate on what they did for PDP.”

Present at the event was Samuel Ortom, governor of Benue State.

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