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7 words you should never use in a job interview

If you’re going for a job interview anytime soon, make sure you do not use any of these words.

Congratulations! One of the organizations you submitted your curriculum vitae to has called you to come for a job interview.

Now, you’ve got to really prepare well for the interview because this is the only chance you have to impress and convince the hiring manager that you’re the right applicant for the job.

However, while you’re keen on impressing your potential employers, make sure you avoid some phrases and words fillers that can cost you the job. Below are some of the word fillers you shouldn’t use.

1. ‘Stuff’

Avoid using this word in a job interview because it is too casual and unspecific. The hiring will definitely ask you a question about what you mean by stuff.

For instance, if you say  My last job role required me to organise events and coordinate the manpower and stuff like that. The next question would most likely be what do you mean by stuff. So avoid it.

2 ‘Whatever’

Everyone uses this word in our daily conversations with friends. It is often used to indicate a reluctance to discuss something.

However, using it in a job interview shows you don’t want to be bothered about the questions being asked or you are not serious about the job.

3. ‘Dedicated’

Hiring managers hear this word over one million times every day. Each time they ask applicants to describe themselves, the response always comes with the word ‘dedicated’. Recruiters are used to hearing something like this I am totally dedicated to helping my team and the organization reach their goals.

This word has been sorely overused that it seems to have lost its meaning. It is no longer a word that differentiates one applicant from the other.

Instead of just mentioning dedication, demonstrate it. Talk about your achievements and explaining why and how you achieved them.

4. ‘Sorry’

In Nigeria, sorry is that word that often begins a request. You hear a  request like sorry, could you please say that again, I don’t understand the question?

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There is nothing wrong if you don’t understand a question. However, if sorry is overused in a job interview, it may reflect a serious lack of confidence.

If you don’t get a question ask the interviewer to say it again, don’t apologise for what you didn’t hear.

5. ‘No’

Don’t respond to a question with a NO without explaining what you mean by no.  If your answer to a question is a no, let the hiring manager understand what you mean by no, after all, It is a job interview, not a casual conversation.

6. ‘Umm’

I am interested in working…umm…in an organization that provides opportunities for growth.

Avoid these fillers at all cost. They make you appear as if you don’t know what you are saying. It shows you didn’t prepare for the interview and of course, it will send a wrong message about you to the hiring manager.

7. Curse words

We don’t need to mention any example here, curse words are a no-no. Don’t ever use them in a job interview. It only makes the recruiters think of you as an impolite and uncultured applicant.

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