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El-Zakzaky Rejects Treatment From Strange Doctors

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El-Zakzaky Rejects Treatment From Strange Doctors

It was confirmed on Thursday by the secretary of the Academic Forum of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Abdullahi Musa that Sheik Ibraheem El-Zakzaky wants to come back to Nigeria.

He claims the Nigerian Government denied their leader access to his personal doctor in India, thereby making it very difficult for him to get the medical attention he needed. He has vowed never to allow strange doctors treat him, accusing the Nigerian and Indian governments of making his treating difficult.

El-Zakzaky earlier complained about the way he has been treated by the security operatives that escorted him.

El-Zakzaky was flown abroad to India on Monday, on Emirates aircraft after his release from detention was ordered by a court in Kaduna for him to get urgent medical treatment abroad.

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