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Fan Provides Shocking Stats About BrymO

On 12th April, 2022, a Twitter user took to the comment section of Brymo to tell the singer how wonderful his artistry is. However, the user urges Brymo to write more of his music in “English” because he, the user, believes Brymo has everything it takes to win the Grammys, except the language often employed in his songwriting.

Debunking the user’s opinion about Brymo’s music, another fan claimed Brymo has more songs written in English than songs written in Yoruba and Pidgin. The fan who provided the user with a shocking statistical analysis of Brymo’s songs claimed Brymo has a total of 93 songs combined in all the nine projects released so far in his career.

The fan also argued that only 23 tracks of the 93 were written and delivered in Yoruba while a greater percentage, 51 songs, of the 93 songs in this vast discography were written and delivered in English. Other fans joined in telling the user to say something else about Brymo as it turned out his opinion about the singer’s use of language was not factual.


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