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Kizz Daniel’s Oshe Visuals — A Colorful Modelling Of The African Woman.

Off his fourth studio project titled Barnabas came Oshe featuring The Cavemen in the later half of 2021. The contemporary Highlife sound had its visuals released on 7th April, 2022 and the featured acts, the two Igbo brothers known as The Cavemen are nowhere to be found in the busy video.

Kizz Daniel’s Oshe visuals

Oshe is supposed to be an expression of love to a lover whom Kizz Daniel hopes to “whisk away on holiday” to a neighboring African country identified as “Mozambique”. However, the song visual representation is far from that reality.

Kizz Daniel on set for Oshe visuals.

A host of female models are scattered about the major scenes of the video as Kizz Daniel, the only man on attendance, relishes the glory of the moment, playing the role of a videographer who would rather pay a rapt attention to the backsides of a scarcely dressed model in the company of many others.

Kizz Daniel

Maybe this is what Kizz Daniel means when he sings “we go trouble their timeline”. The fact is, there are enough videos and pictures to take in this colorful set-up. Kizz Daniel, a videographer/photographer works for several magazines symbolically identified as Flyvogue, Flystone and Flyboy. While the first two are allusions to popular American magazines — Vogue and Rolling Stones — Flyboy on the other hand is the singer’s self-owned record label.

Flyboy; Kizz Daniel.

Kizz Daniel as a photographer assigned to work by the aforementioned magazines represented in the visuals is provided with enough black women and the result is beauty in several colors almost to the point of stark nakedness.

The African woman is modelled as one with high sense of fashion — some of them dance, others simply catwalk while the majority take the stance of several mannequins left in the shadows to surround a well-lit platform where Kizz Daniel basks in the grandeur of a flamboyant celebrity.

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