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Six Nigerian Artistes/Producers That Won The Grammys With Angelique Kidjo’s Album

Angelique Kidjo

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards that took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States of America, on Sunday night, 3rd April, 2022 was a memorable one — not just for Angelique Kidjo, but for fellow African artistes that featured on the project that won the Best Global Music Album category of the prestigious awards.

Angelique Kidjo’s Mother Nature album cover art.

Angelique Kidjo collaborated with a total of thirteen different artistes to deliver the thirteen-tracked album titled Mother Nature in 2021. Amongst this long list of acts are Burna Boy, Mr Eazi and Yemi Alade.

Angelique Kidjo

To acknowledge the efforts of these artistes, Angelique in her speech while receiving the plaque for her Grammy win on Sunday night, elatedly dedicated the win to the African acts that featured on the album, mentioning Burna Boy, Yemi Alade, Mr Eazi and others. Three Nigerian singers and three Nigerian producers contributed to the success of Mother Nature. They include:

1. Burna Boy

Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s first ever relationship with Angelique Kidjo was birthed with the song Different alongside Damian Marley on Burna Boy’s 2019 album titled African Giant, an album that lo the Grammys to Angelique Kidjo’s 2018 album titled Celia. Though Angelique Kidjo dedicated the 2019 Grammy win to Burna Boy, it was not enough for him as he went on to claim the award for himself in 2021, in what became his second nomination and first win of the Grammys.

In the same 2021, Angelique Kidjo returned the favour done on African Giant by featuring Burna Boy on Do Yourself, a song off her album titled Mother Nature. Mother Nature would go on to win Angelique Kidjo her fourth Grammys, and Burna Boy, his second Grammys certificate, by extension.

2. Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi

Before now, Mr Eazi had won a Latin Grammy in 2020, but not the Grammys. Africa, One Of A Kind is the first time Mr Eazi would be working with Angelique Kidjo unlike Burna Boy. It was the first time Mr Eazi would be part of a Grammy nomination too. Miraculously, it also became the first time Mr Eazi would be winning a Grammy.

3. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade took it upon herself to feature Angelique Kidjo in 2020 on a hit song titled Shekere. The pendulum swung in 2021 when Angelique Kidjo featured Yemi Alade on a song titled Dignity, off Grammy-winning Mother Nature. Fortunately, this became Yemi Alade’s first Grammy win.

4. Rexxie


Producer Rexxie’s production of Angelique Kidjo’s Do Yourself featuring Burna Boy earns him his second Grammy win in a row. The producer recorded his first nomination and first win with Burna Boy’s Bebo and Comma, two singles off Burna Boy’s Grammy-winning 2020 album titled Twice As Tall. His contribution to Mother Nature however became his second nomination and his second win within two years (2021 & 2022). He is the first Nigerian producer to achieve that!

5. Kel P

Kel P

Kel P became a household name in the Afrobeats industry with Burna Boy’s hits like Gbona, Dangote, On The Low, Spiritual and his immense production contributions to Burna Boy’s first Grammy-nominated album, titled African Giant, released in 2019. Burna Boy getting a nod with the African Giant album automatically gave Kel P his first Grammy nomination, however, the album failed to clinch the award that year.

Kel P, sadly, went never to return on the Burna Boy’s album that followed African Giant. The singer left Kel P out of the production works made on Twice As Tall, his next album, released in 2020. Luckily, Kel P got his second Grammy nod with the production credits he registered on Angelique Kidjo’s Mother Nature. The album however gave him his first ever Grammy win.

6. VTek


VTek is a Nigerian producer formerly associated with the Okoye brothers known as PSquare. The producer took production credits for the duo’s hits like Personally, Alingo, Ejeajo, Shekini, No Be Joke and many others. Though VTek hardly pops up in conversations bordering accolades and validations, fortunately, the veteran producer got his first Grammy win with Angelique Kidjo’s Mother Nature.

Note that each of these six contributors to Angelique Kidjo’s Mother Nature album will not get a Grammy plaque as they are only eligible for a Grammy certificate for the contributions they made.

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