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Stop insisting on payment of debt before burial and start showing mercy and compassion – Rev Fr. Mbaka

The spiritual director of the Adoration ministry Enugu has called on the Catholic Church to desist from compulsory payment of dues owed by deceased persons from their families before burning them.

Speaking to the congregation during one of his sermons, he said;

“Do you know what it takes to bury somebody in Igbo land? Burial is another wahala. Instead of us sympathizing, controlling, showing compassion, and empathy for the dead, we will begin to lay laws, sanctions, upon the wounded families. The Catholic Church, we are losing our members in thousands and millions. One day we will look back and we won’t see anybody.”

“Let us not treat the dead like they are nobody because they died. Their souls are still living! Even the so-called dues, you may recover the money hundred times during the burial or during Thanksgiving. Treat the family well. They may be poor today, tomorrow one of them will rise up and can even build a whole church. People always treasure how you attended to them when they were bereaved.”

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