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Waje Reveals Why She Can Call Omawumi A True Friend

The entertainment industry is known to be rife with unhealthy competition and extreme rivalry, but for Waje, her colleague, Omawumi can be regarded as a true friend who has been there for her over the years.

Speaking on her friendship with Omawumi, Waje told Sunday Scoop:

“When you meet someone who you shares the same tastes with and reasons alike with you, then you have every reason to be close to the person. We have both been through a lot together and she has proved to be a true friend time and again.

Apart from music, we do a lot of things together and we understand each other so well. She is someone I can call a true friend. I actually have a media company that is into movies, and it is in partnership with her. You will hear more about it as time goes by,”

She went further to talk about musicians who put out songs with uninspiring content.
“People are inspired by different things. You don’t have control over another person’s creative process. Meanwhile, this phenomenon is not peculiar to Nigeria; music is changing all over the world.
However, there will always be people of like minds and when all of you speak in one voice, it is easier to effect change. There are a lot of women that create music that is impactful and drives a certain narrative into the new Nigeria that we are trying to build.”

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