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Zoning is Taking Nigeria Backward – Says Lamido.

Alhaji Sule Lamido, former governor of Jigawa State and staunch member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has said he does not support the idea of zoning.

In an interview with BBC, monitored by Loconaija, the former governor said the idea of rotating the leadership of the country to a particular region in the name of zoning is bringing setbacks to the nation.

He urged the political parties and leaders in the country to work towards unity and progress of Nigeria, not focusing on who gets what in power positions.

Lamido posited that as a country aiming for development, Nigeria should not play regional or tribal politics.

“When it comes to the issue of zoning, count me out. At this moment we should be thinking in an advanced way to apply modern politics as practised all over the world. Nigeria as a country should begin to work towards the unity, peace, progress and economic development of the country and its citizens.

“For me, that is the leader I want to support. Anybody ready and committed to making Nigeria great should be encouraged and supported wherever he comes from. I don’t mind his tribe, his religion or region, that is the person we should all support. Look at our country today, where has the zoning taken us to?” he asked.

On the recent move to remove fuel subsidy, the former governor said, “I always laugh with excitement about this issue of subsidy removal by this government. Buhari and his party (APC) has been slashing the past governments about fuel subsidy. He said it was a scam and Nigerians were being defrauded and so on, but look at them now.

“This man ruled Nigeria over 30 years ago, he served as minister of petroleum and he wants to tell us that he doesn’t know what petroleum is all about? A former minister of petroleum to tell you that he doesn’t know about fuel subsidy? He just did it to get votes.”

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